Dec 13, 2006

It's Beginning to stink a lot like X-Mas

oh wait, thats the dog shit i stepped in this morning. Damnit dog, why cant you shit in the back yard like normal dogs. George leaves a minefield in the walkway and even on our stairs of shit piles.

anyway, this post really isnt about dog shit, its about effing Christmas. Meg is like in the spirit 110% and i have to be honest. after a long time of absolutely hating this time of year she's sorta making me feel the spirit a little bit. I let my guard down enough to paint the shit out of a wooden Santa. the one on the left meg painted. I helped her with the black outline work tho.

also I was saving these for photo friday but i thought i'd throw em in for this blog.

Appearantly Santa is a god damned Dodgers fan. another reason to hate the fat fucker.

here's a little cartoon i made in the spirit of the holidays.

and for no reason whatsoever, here's a shopping card full of Christmas gnomes! how freaky.

and just in case you think I'm going soft, I still believe every word of this rant.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want to own my own home one day if only to have Gnome statues in my front yard. :)

I can dream can't I?