Dec 22, 2006

photo friday christmas

ok nut lickers, its friday. today we're having the office christmas party. we usually have this secret santa thing where you draw names out of a hat and get that person of whom you most likely know nothing about a $10-$20 gift. last year i got nail clippers from some crazy old Chinese guy.

This year I pulled the name Sam from the hat. I asked who Sam was and apparently he's in assembly so i asked those guys yesterday what Sam is into so i can get him a gift... well he informed me that Sam got fired last week. ouch thats gotta sting. so i'm left with no secret santa recipient. Luckily theres still a good chance i'll get something generic from someone who doesn't speak very good english.

on with the shittiest photo friday ever. what do you want its a holiday week. or as our Japanese clients have been saying at the end of every phone call, "Happy Horidaye"


Anonymous said...

Grapples are great.

Anonymous said...

HOT damn this was a good week of photos.
1. wearing your won seater art work shamles self promotion!!! we know about that huh jim.
2.Insirped by grandma NO FREAKING WAY my grandma was a bad cook!
3. I dont wann ahurt feelings but whos jail house tat is that?
4. a meet walet carpaccio for every day wear what the fuck????
5. I cant cook pancakes Why do thya have bone sppurs?
6. I dare you to taste the KONG paste we got it for jade it smeall yummy!

All in all you look likeyou have had a good week. Mine will not be up till later i have spent a fortune emailing them to my self no now i have to blue tooth it on the lap top.

Anonymous said...

worry it was supose to say :

1.wearing your own sweater art work!

jimbizzle said...

I got some of that kong stuff'n right here.

Anonymous said...

It has been a very long day at work few calls and limited internet access. I work a 4-10 plan so its even longer that normal. I keep looking at your's Jim's and Rita's blogs to see if there is anything new to entertain me, and it pains me every time I look and there is nothing new..... I also have nothing to blog about, so i will just let you know that you are not doing a good job of entertaning me while Im at work. Your all fired pack up your desktops!