Dec 15, 2006

photo friday.. i almost forgot!

I've been a day behind all week. I thought it was wednesday all day yesterday.. but since this is friday that means yesterdayt was thursday and i had my last photoshop class. and the last class for the semester. I checked my grades and apparently i got straight A's.
wooptie doo. since its actually friday. here's the photos.

also if you were wondering about the big storm in OR. jimbo and anja are ok but their internet is fucked.


Anonymous said...

I'm back on line baby!!! I could use a hummer right now, but not one of those kind.

Anonymous said...

Where do you shop that you see all these wierd ass bins of randomness Like th epic of barbie legs from a few bloggs ago. I love the polor bear penis alwasy wondered about that, and oooh the "shit" way to go! damn fine pics this week! I sent you an email about the storm its was long enjoy!