Dec 20, 2006

computers suck

"computers suck" as said so elliquently by jimbo after asking him what "WINNT\SYSTEM32... something or other file is corrupted means. so while the sales manager/computer guy at my work fixes, or tries to fix my computer im on my cube neighbor, beth's computer. its strange working on someone elses pc. like sleeping on your cousins couch.

here's what i'm dealing with. this is her desktop. (clicky for big)

one thing is comforting tho. since i put all my bookmarks into google bookmarks they are all here when i log into google. so rad. she even has google toolbar for IE (yuck) so theres a bookmarks pulldown with all my shit.

wish me luck

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I told you how to fix that too! check your email.