Dec 19, 2006

tired city

i stayed up last night watching this Sci-Fi channel miniseries called The Lost Room. it has nothing to do with the show Lost. dont worry. My dad recorded it for me and i finished part 1 and 2 of 3. its actually really interesting but now I'm fucking tired. I wish i could curl up under my desk and sleep. I had to get up extra early too because my car started bucking like a wild mustang.. except i dont have a mustang, coincidently tho i have an Isuzu Rodeo. fitting. anyway, i had to ride in with my dad. so i was up at 5am. now im here. I was looking up symptoms for my car problem and i found this story. gosh i hope its that simple.

anyway, about The Lost Room.. Starts out when this cop accidentally acquires a motel key that opens any door. when used, the key opening say, a closet door and inside is an old but cleaned motel room from the 60's in the middle of nowhere. if you go back through the door from the room it takes you pretty much anywhere you want as long as there is a door with a locking doorknob. he gradually finds out that along with the key, there are many items from that room floating around and being collected by various obsessed guilds. each object has special and unique strange properties. some insignificant, some very useful.

yup thats dakota fanning's little sister!

here's my theory so far, if you haven't seen it this wont make any sense. i think it has something to do with an alternate dimension in which there was a room 10 at the motel and somehow items from room 10 got left behind in our dimension. now, all the items want to get back to the right dimension. i like the angle about the nutters creating a religion around collecting the objects.. theres that thin line between scientific hypothesis and religious faith again.

i cant wait to find out what happens. i hope its not cheesy. speaking of cheesy tho, i heard this morning LOST might come off its hiatus sooner since Daybreak was a dud.

anyway, im tired and i want to sleep.

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