Mar 15, 2007

area codes update

thanks Jimbo for making me look dumb..

You got it all wrong turd banger! Oregon has 2 area codes. 503 for North Oregon, and 541 for Southern Oregon. The state made it mandatory that no matter what area code you reside in you must dial the area code (ex: I live in Portland and have a 503 area code, and if I want to call Guitar Center in Portland I must dial 503 and then their number.). I guess this was to help eliminate the confusion that Oregon residence had after the area code split some years ago. I don't see what's so hard about understanding that you have a new area code. Then again I come from the Bay Area and have gone through 3 area code splits.

but what's so great about this is that I'm still kinda right in saying Oregon is stupid. Opposite to Atlanta, Oregon, the entire state, has only two area codes (75% of it is one of them) and Oregonians are too stupid to figure that out they have to still dial 10 digit numbers? OH MY GOD! how retarded do you have to be? people in Oregon suck. damn and i liked Oregon too.

wow so according to this, its not northern and southern.. its the portland metro area and THE REST OF THE STATE.

all the bumpkins in the Forrest were like "why aint mah phone workin when i call portlin'?"
after the pamphlets explaining the concept of Area Codes didnt work they finally had to just ruin it for everyone and make it 10 digits mandatory.


Anonymous said...

Its not just that the orgonians are dumb... they are ugly as hell to. It seams that he farther North you go the uglier they are. Its a godo thing Jim and I moved here to beautify the land.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Where I grew up your neighbor might have a different area code than you. I've grown so accustomed to seeing area codes that I get really confused when there isn't one and one really cannot assume it's what their own is. Now, with cell phones, almost all my friends have different area codes because you keep your number even when you move so some of my friends I have NJ area codes and live out of state.

When I moved last summer we started collecting pizzeria menus and stuff and no one listed area codes. We had to find a yellow pages because we had no idea what the area codes were since we didn't get a land line.

Area codes are a necessity. Is there any place left where you can call someone without dialing all ten digits?