Mar 15, 2007

pre-ripped crotch

i've been wearing the same 3 pairs of Levi 569's for like 2 years and needless to say they are pretty "to' up"

i went to the Levi's store and found a whole pile of my jeans picked out my size and before i went to the register i decided to check out the "wash" on them.. every one of them had pre-faded legs and/or asses, pre-busted out knees and freyed cuffs. ???

thats the very reason i'm buying NEW jeans. wtf man? i thought we sent all our used Levis to Japan in the early 90's... now theyre back!

of course this isnt a new thing. i'll never forget the Who's the Boss ep back in the 80's when Samantha begs her dad for these expensive designer jeans and then as soon as she gets them home cuts them to shit with scissors. Tony FREAKED out. it was rad.

anyway, if you want to puke, click the picture. if you've recently purchased pre-worn jeans, punch yourself in your pre-ripped crotch right now. as hard as you can.

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