Mar 15, 2007

area codes

Ludacris' got ho's in different area codes,. whats funny about that is that Luda, if i'm not mistaken is from the ATL, or Atlanta area. Just like my friend Rita. When Rita saw this...

... in my photo blog a few blogs ago she said, "how do they know what area code to dial?" The LOST FERRET poster doesnt have an area code listed because, well, everyone in the "ferret being lost range" would have the same area code. Since here the entire contra costa county area shares the same area code. 925. Alameda County is mostly 510 and 925, San Francisco is 415. its logical and defines areas.

She, being from bassackwards Georgia couldnt grasp the concept of 7 digit phone numbers because there they have random area codes for the whole city. Your neighbor could have a different area code than you. which is retarded and defies all logic in calling it an "AREA code" at all. what area? Now Jimbo just informed me that in Portland OR. they have to dial 10 digits for every local call they make. because like Atlanta, they just adopted the rolling random area code idea.

so, when Ludacris says he has ho's in different area codes, since he's from the ATL, he could just be talking about the 20 area codes on his street. But when and when Samuel L Jackson says in Pulp Fiction, ".. i aint got no mo' friends in 818" people who've spent time in the Los Angeles area know that 818 is the area code for the more suburban San Fernando Valley.

Area codes in California actually mean something.

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jimbizzle said...

You got it all wrong turd banger! Oregon has 2 area codes. 503 for North Oregon, and 541 for Southern Oregon. The state made it mandatory that no matter what area code you reside in you must dial the area code (ex: I live in Portland and have a 503 area code, and if I want to call Guitar Center in Portland I must dial 503 and then their number.). I guess this was to help eliminate the confusion that Oregon residence had after the area code split some years ago.

I don't see what's so hard about understanding that you have a new area code. Then again I come from the Bay Area and have gone through 3 area code splits.