Mar 19, 2007

shedding the winter coat

so i did it. i cut off the frodah and the grizzly adams. It was part of megs birthday present. i was looking a little bumtastic.

So i went to the happy cuts place by my house and as soon as the Vietnamese lady started chopping off the locks i felt better. i told her "wow i can feel a difference already" she replied in a heavy Vietnamese-American accent "yeea i can feeel da heeet coming aaff yo haiaah when i caat eet"

then she went ballistic with the clippers as she tried to make small talk.


jimbizzle said...

Who knew you could look so respectable?! Looking good mang!

Unknown said...

I hate making small talk when I'm getting my hair done.

The hair looks good, but you should completely shave off your beard thingy... I can't remember what you look like without it. :)

Rita said...

Spring 'do! Love it!