Mar 26, 2007

Possible band names

ok so most of you know I'm currently in between bands. I've been a crabby ass lately and I'm thinking its because i haven't had my drum fix in a couple weeks. So I set up my drums in my parents converted attic/bedroom on Saturday and jammed out. I bet the neighbors were pissed. oh well fuck em. My shit's set up there now so i imagine there will be some more drum sessions in the near future. Unless i find a new band. Why do all the bands i get emails from suck? (and no, Jimbo, i'm not moving to Portland)

Anyway, I was just brainstorming on the toilet and i thought of some possible names for my next band. a couple are serious some are serious/jokes depending on what type of music it is.

The Crown Vics

Beating a Dead Horse


Sequel to the Remake

Courtesy Flush

Bridget Jones's Diarrhea

The Long Apology

Wet Pillow

Infinity Times 10 (our fans will know us as IXX)

I might have to just try to form a band from scratch with different musicians. or just create some one man band type contraption.

If you know anyone in the Bay Area looking to start a band that doesn't suck. Or if you're in a band but they suck. Or if your band shreds but you love the name "Bridget Jones's Diarrhea" as much as I do, let me know.


i almost forgot about the raddest band name ever.
i made a logo and everything!

and if you think unicorns are gay click here.


Mr. Stuart said...

other band names:
Star of Maderae (I thought of that years ago, Maderae is a genus name of some roach)
Jizz Grenade (Adam Carolla thought of that)
Porn For Penguins (off the top of my head- but that could be catchy PFP)

Jessica A. Walsh said...

The Long Apology sounds sooooo emo. LoL.

If you were gonna go with something funny, The Courtesy Flush takes the cake.