Mar 2, 2007

tell me Donnie, how does one 'suck a fuck' ?


hey i lost my illegal in california ferret.

napkin drawing!


this is part of the loot i got from Dune for some deck design!!

some of the stuff we do at work

thats my boss Felix

he's from Ukraine. this is in his office. pretty rad pic.

i've been seeing these signs a lot lately. wtf? when did places stop accepting money?

night pics while driving.

this is in the new hipster condos by my work. you can take the ghetto out of the condo but you cant take the condo out of the ghetto. if you cant see it, the window is totally broken out.

this dude's liscence plate said something funny but you cant read it here and i forgot what it was. laugh at their cleverness anyway. thanks.


Rita said...

The Worker Bee is inspired. I wish I had a Worker Bee figure to put on my monitor. How are you with Sculpey? Would you make me one?

Ferrets smell.

jimbizzle said...

Ferrets smell and they poop a lot!

Anonymous said...

I had a muther fuckin ferrit on my blog today too.!!! The basket ball pic is tight as hell. how many times was the ball thrown befor you got the shot!!1 it drives me nutzz that stores wont take $50s or $100s. they might as well stop making them.