Mar 1, 2007

LOST. last nights ep. in a nut shell.

OK, just in case we all forgot, Hurley is cursed from using the numbers in the lotto. (insert lame celebrity cameo)

Hurley finds a VW bus that has been there long enough for a body to decompose to bone. but... due to Lost island magic, the tires are still holding air, the gas tank is full, the battery still holds a charge the engine runs and... THE BEER IS STILL GOOD! thats right sayer toss aside that MAP just like you tossed aside Carl and his wealth of island info and get to whats really important. beer!! GO USA!!!

thats basically the whole episode.

the best part was when they showed previews for next weeks "unmissable" episode.

i shouldnt get my hopes up, but i always do. :(

wow Lost rules!

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