Mar 6, 2007

go home bike fags

i just got back from the skatepark. I tried out my new 5:AM skateboard. I've come the closest to ever landing a kick flip and i sort of sketchy landed a varial heelflip this time! thanks new skateboard! i hang out with the 12 yr olds because they are at my skating skill level. They were all in awe of my new skateboard.. poor kids i wish i could just hook them up.

so we were just sitting there pooping around trying to land kid shit and some 9th grader threw my new friends board over the fence. I got up in his face and was like "what the fuck man.. why would you do that?"... "because" as he takes a puff off his cigarette.. "because? because you smoke cigarettes and youre cool" "no just because i dunno" "because you like to pick on little kids?" "he just stood there with his stupid cigarette and looked stupid" then this other skater who was a little older and cool went and got it. man i almost fought that kid but i didnt because i dont wanna be picking on little kids ... i hate punks.

At that point i was already in a pretty off mood because the bike fags... (thats right i said bike fags. I'm bringing that shit back from the 80's.) found some huge chunk of cement and had cement rocks and gravel all over the park to keep the skaters from using the park... because you see, skateboards and gravel dont mix... fucking assholes. Up until recently i was cool with them and had a respect for them considerably higher than i do for Rollerbladers. now they are in a whole new category of disregard.

a couple of the cool older kids were into my shiny new 5:AM "time for donuts" board and i let them all skate it. one kid ollied over 3 skateboards stacked wheel t0 wheel and then boardslided it on the rail. i wasnt sure about fucking up the artwork, but fuck it, its a skateboard thats what its for. here's the damage.
anyhoo, fucking bike fag punks. I need a new place to skate and practice my fat ass kick flips and no complies.


Rita said...

Whew! Good thing you have a 5AM to skate, and one to save! Maybe that should be a standard thing for you moving forward - every time you design new boards, the deal is you have to receive AT LEAST 2 back, so you can mess one up and have one for "the wall" (I envision that you should have a wall with all of the boards mounted there for everyone too peruse.)

So let it be written, so let it be done!

Oh, and good on you for not putting that kid's cigarette out in his ear. Smartass little bastard

jimbizzle said...

I'm glad to see you skated it. You need to show of your art , and try to drum up some business. (See how I cleverly worked "drum" in there for you) You just should scrap up some cash, buy some boards, and then roll by the parks like a skateboard version of the ice cream truck. inform the kiddies to scrap up that cash a buy your shit!

And as for the board tosser... You need a little cousin that is under 18 to go stop him. Fuck that nose!

Unknown said...

I agree with Jimbo! Sell your shit! :)