Mar 9, 2007

now thats a tasty burger!

hey fuckheads. its friday!

suck on this photoness...

stuff we make at my job

used art


after i fell down


...and as he threw away the wrapper from his Snickers bar, he thought to himself, 'thanks Albert'..."

is it European or American.. if its Euro it cant ALL be American.


Rita said...


That one guy's white jumpsuit outside the liquor store is positively Elvisian (is that a word, Elvisian? It should be.)

The Marie Callender's pot pie in the microwave made my stomach grumble. Thanks.

I have a request. I would like an All-George, All-the-time Photo Phriday in the near future.

Your boo boo looks pretty yucky.

Unknown said...

It's the European version of American.

Anonymous said...

I havernt been to the tinez pier in forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimbo has som cool shit that happens when he goes there. You need to I mean need to ask him about it. We tested his cool pier story out and it was true true ture!!!!!!!!

that was the tinez pier right?? if not still ask jim about the story its cool!