Mar 9, 2007


i had a project due last night in photoshop class and i hadnt done it .. i busted this out before class.

everyone liked it and was disgusted by it during the cirtique. Unfortunaltly even tho its good, the teacher will fuck me because my layers are unorganised and i didnt use his methods..
I'm sure if i had another day i could fix it.. but it was due last night. Class is at 7:00 i was saving it at 6:53 at home.. hauled ass to school.
He gives 2 grades one on first visual impression and another one on technical stuff. I know the second grade will suck because my work flow is horrible on this. I did it in a rush.
i know what he means on some stuff. like, he asked about the yellow puss on the cut where the pez comes out and what it would look like with that layer turned off..

my layers were such a mess i couldnt tell him what layer it was
and if he knew how quick I shit it out, i think he'd mark me down for doing it quick. for not doing 20 sketches and roughs over 3 weeks. he gave us a handout on "Ideation" or something
the process of creating and developing an idea. so yea, he's really into the process of the art and not as much the final result.

oh well.


jimbizzle said...

DUDE! You have Pez arms!!! KICK ASS! You do GREAT last minute work!

Anonymous said...

WOW it looks really real!!!! your a pez head and now you can dispence them thats freaking awsome! Can you amke me into a oooh man i dont know... sweedish fish or a cup of tea!!!! or a movie reel??

Mr. Stuart said...

Better than I could do.