Mar 16, 2007

You like what you see?

Today was an employee of my works last day here so we had a lunch pizza party send off for her. But since i had a 12:00 dentist appointment I was afraid i might miss it. I emailed the office manager to tell her i might miss it, and half jokingly, because there is always pizza left over i asked her to save me a slice.

I get to the dentist office and expect to be in and out because its just a check up and cleaning. I get called in and settle into the futuristic dental chairs they have. usually i hear my dentist finishing up another patient and then come over and say "how you doing Kirk?" but this time the buzz in the other room lasted longer than usual. In one room they had some kind of comedian patient cracking jokes with my dentist. My dentists tone was pretty much saying that he wanted to be done with this guy but he wouldn't shut up. Then while this was happening there was an odd mood emanating from the other dentists chair. It was far enough away i couldn't make out the exact conversation under the boisterous bawl of the jokester next door.

There was some hustle and bustle with my dentist and the Jokester and the female dentist for a while then finally, my homeboy Dr. Candito Celestino, who looks weird now that he shaved off his mustache shows up. "how ya doing kirk?" bla bla bla.. and he gets started. While he and my hygienist Nicole with the 3 pounds of eyeliner and mascara start bantering about what had happened in the other room. From what i could gather over the sound of scraping, high pitched buzz of dental tools and suction sounds was that an older man was caught oogling the female dentist. She played it off and tried to just let a dirty old man be but then he made a comment or something and she reacted. At one point she gave him a mirror to look at his new smile and he kept angling it to look at her boobs. she said "you like what you see?". Candito and Nicole were discussing whether she was being too provocative since thats all they had heard. While i waited for Nicole to come back I overheard Candito continued kind of accusing the female dentist about being too flirty, then she explained what the old man was doing and that she'd never be like that.

So due to a potential sexual harassment situation my 1/2 hour dentist trip turned into an hour. I rushed back to work, skipping the usual dentist/lunch break hoping to get some left over pizza and give Crystalin a casual i-don't-know-you-that-well-but-we're-getting-pizza farewell. when i got back to work i could smell the lingering fume of pizza in the air. I followed it like a cartoon mouse follows the visible yellow whiff of cheese to the lunch room. and to my dismay, no crowd of awkward employee interaction, and more importantly a trash full of orange grease stained paper plates and a vacant table with nothing but crumbs and unused packets of Parmesan and crushed pepper.

bust! no pizza. I guess the only good news is that i didn't have any cavities, my wisdom tooth holes are healing nicely and that gingivitis is reversible with more regular flossing.
fiy, this image was titled "meth teeth". gnar!

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