Mar 22, 2007

Fake Magic Part II - The Mystery Spot.

As most of you know i'm a fan of anything weird and unexplained. So, I was juiced when my friend told me she had been to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. I'd seen the bumper stickers all over the place and was always curious as to what the hell was so mysterious about it. Most of what she told me is explained on their website.

(Wiki)The operators of the small site (which is about 150 feet in diameter) claim that it is a place where the laws of physics and gravity do not apply and provide a number of interesting demonstrations in support of these claims.

Several of the phenomena demonstrated by the tour guides (and by visitors using levels) could be construed as rather difficult to explain. Two people standing on opposite sides of a level surface appear to change height, and a ball will roll to one direction on the same surface.

Some tour guides joke that extraterrestrials had once crashed at the site or buried unearthly metals beneath the Spot, or that carbon dioxide seeps out of the earth.

Now, if any of this is true that would be rad but being the skeptic i am I looked into it. The reason I'm skeptical about this is because its a road side tourist attraction. I found that there are a bunch of sites that basically explain most of the phenomena at the Mystery spot to be result from the effects of forced perspective, optical adaptation, and certain optical illusions in combination with the steep gradient of the site.

So, ok debunked. but still kind of interesting. But what pisses me off is that they have this elaborate history going back to the 40's which is pretty much fake that helps the claims they make. They also do this experiment proving the strange gravity anomalies that occur by having a ball roll up a level board. But its a total lie because the board has a groove in it that makes the ball roll back. seen here. watch the guy flip the board to show theres no groove. he flips it end to end, not top to bottom. fucking liars!!

its total bullshit. why cant they just let it be an interesting perceptual illusion and leave the props gimmicks and lies out of it.

who wants to go to Santa Cruz and check it out?

I'll bring the level.

here's some more links on it and debunking it.

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