Mar 14, 2007

tech talk with a guy who knows more than me.

my online friend Jeremy runs a blog about stuff. kinda like this one but more focused, better written and more informative. he's my go-to for tech questions since he seems to be up on the latest shit. he posted on his site about a DVD he bought that wouldnt work in his DVD player and sparked this little convo this morning. His brain vs. my dumb ass.

Kirk: did you try to get another copy of the DVD?
maybe it was a bum batch. anyway, dvd players are weird. whenever i'd have a new CD i burned of new music i wanted to show my dad his DVD player/CD player wouldnt ever play it. i burned him a pirated episode of LOST on DVD and to my dismay his POS dvd player started it fine.

Jeremy: no i didn't get a new DVD
it worked fine once i pressed menu

Kirk: i was at best buy yesterday and they have a whole section of "new or better or enhanced or something" DVD's. i dont know what thats about every new technology i take with a grain of salt because i still remember Laser disks. like, you mentioned minidisks too. we used the shit out of our minidisk recorder thingy in my old band. i get the same feeling when i see PSP movies at the video store

Jeremy: there is no way that UMD is going anywhere

Kirk: its such a niche prorpietary market... UMD? is that the shit i saw at Best Buy?

Jeremy: yeah
that's thepsp format "universal meda disc"

Kirk: and whats BluRay?

Jeremy: but there's like nothing that uses it. blueray is the next gen dvd. that and HDDVD
the PS3 uses blueray

Kirk: its like come one guys, VHS or BetaMax,
whats it gonna be so i can buy a damn VCR already.

Jeremy: well its tricky cause the porn industry decided on vhs and that's why it took off

Kirk: i thought it was a government contract ? same difference... dude betamax was sony? another sony proprietary peice of wonder

Jeremy: lol, but pretty much no one wants porn in HD

Kirk: i read a thing on that. i think i blogged it

Jeremy: how can you film in hd and slather Vaseline on the lense?

Kirk: Local News folk hate HD too

Jeremy: people just aren't pretty enough for HD that's why you'll see a bunch of nature films in hd

Kirk: and football games

Jeremy: sure. so anyway, if sony really wants to get umd going somewhere

Kirk: whats funny is that the news is HD now but a lot of their footage is from eyewitness
home vid or phone cams.

Jeremy: they'll let the porn industry start releasing movies for psp

Kirk: is PSP
big enough to support a whole format change?

Jeremy: its not HD, no
its less than standard def. its not the next DVD, its the mobile option

Kirk: i know but will sony allow other companies to make PSP format movie players?

Jeremy: they're up against smaller and higher capacity harddrives and flash memory
if they're smart

Kirk: thats what i always thought the problem with minidisk was.. it was ONLY Sony

Jeremy: right now they're keeping it pretty locked down so that the games don't get ripped off
but they can't keep it like that

Kirk: just seems like youre shooting yourself in the foot if you the only one making the device
that plays what you hopes to be a new standard format.

Jeremy: i dunno
maybe the naming guys just didn't talk to the standards guys
and its not rally intended to be a universal media format

Kirk: its like if Phillips TV's were the only ones HD capable.. no one would give a shit about HD
maybe this is all going over my head
i'm just a layman trying to understand all this tech shit

Jeremy: no, its very much like minidisc

Kirk: as are most people who walk into Best buy

Jeremy: except that they've got a different ganre of users
and they're producing prepublished content instead of blank discs

Kirk: what does PSP, BluRay, and HDDVD and the crap i saw at best buy have incommon?

Jeremy: Bluray and hddvd are the same thing(think vhs and betabax)

Kirk: blue ray being VHS and HD being beta?

Jeremy: they're big screen and large data storage. well, we're not sure which one will come out on top yet

Kirk: but they do the same thing.

Jeremy: that's why you'll see hybrid players that do both

Kirk: makes sense. so you can get hi def on a 90 x 90" flatscreen

Jeremy: basically there were a bunch of companies that jumped on the two bandwagons and don't want to have invested in thewrong format

Kirk: which i guess is the dillema i'm seeing

Jeremy: UMD is completely different

Kirk: and all eyes are on the porn industry

Jeremy: its low quality for tiny screens

Kirk: UMD?..

Jeremy: the PSP discs

Kirk: ok...whats PSP's UMD counterpart? if there is one
what else would you play a UMD on? or is it soley proprietary to SONY PSP players

Jeremy: you might be able to find a umd drive for your computer
for an old development machine

Kirk: basically there isnt any PSP alternatives at this point
just like Minidisk

Jeremy: well
there's the nintendo DS
but its not the same format, no

Kirk: so.. what VCR do i buy?
Jeremy: PAl
that way you can watch all kind of old videos from eurpoe

Kirk: or i can move to japan and have everything, every format and an ass squirter all in one device.

Jeremy: But I'm not buying any HD disc system
I've got a 37 inch tv and regular DVD is fine. when i get my 90 incher I may need hd, but I don't see that happening any time soon

Kirk: i still have never seen HD and cant imagine how it could be any better than real people in color, moving on my screen.. I'll wait for Smell-O-Vision

Jeremy: plus I've got like 300 DVD's that I'm not anxious to make obsolete

Kirk: i said that about cassettes. i still have a box of them in storage
anyway, isnt, video on demand going to make and kind of DVDs obsolete

Jeremy: depends on the libraries they give us access to
and bandwith restrictions and cost and quality and what market competition there is

Kirk: i guess so.. just sorta seems thats how things are going. with itunes and all. no one buys cds anymore.

Jeremy: but I would rather have a physical copy of these anyway
I don't need to to data backups, I don't need to updrage my harddrives

Kirk: me too, which is why i've never payed for a download and why its so surprising that itunes and stuff like that has taken off like it has... i guess i was one of the spoiled ones with napster.
it was free, i took it for granted.

Jeremy: if you think a dvd can hold up to 17 gigs click here
(we'll take half that as an average) and multiply times 300

Kirk: i dont get it

Jeremy: I'd need to 2550 GB of memory to hold my DVD collection
I've got about 70 GIGs right now on my computer

Kirk: thats a lot of gigs

Jeremy: anyway, its very similar to the music debate

Kirk: arent they inventing a 2908734958143206891
539681984197130987095 gig processor that is the size of a gnat's ass

Jeremy: I subscribe to emusic which lets you download a certain number of mp3s per month
so I store my own media. my friend subscribes to rahpsody which streams the music to him when he requests it

Kirk: or you could just put it on gmail.

Jeremy: the difference being that he has access to all the music he wants (as long as its in their catalogue) but after we stop subscribing I'll still have all my music and he'll have nothing

Kirk: ahh.... i dont even like enough music to justify something like that

Jeremy: So that's the down side of on-demand video to me. I don't want to be beholden to a service to keep my investment

Kirk: if you like weird shit you'll only be able to find it on shitty formats too anyway
i like snuff films on 8mm reels.. thats how i roll

Jeremy: haha

Kirk: midget donkey porn on blood stained VHS from mexico

Jeremy: try downloading that shit

Kirk: no way man i dont want the FBI on my ass...the NSA is listening!
donkey porn might be classified as "terrorist activiy"

if you are listening.. that last bit was a joke.. all jokes

Jeremy: I don't even know this guy

Kirk: lol

Jeremy: in fact, what's a computer?
ok, lunch time

Kirk: see you in prison