May 22, 2007

Experiment gone wrong

Some of you know i'm a sucker for marketing gimmicks for new convenient store food. I was the guy who tried and actually liked caramel Ho-Ho's from Hostess. I love to try new Diet soda flavors. some of which are hits, some are misses. While Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper was awesome, Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke tasted like asshole. And when the new Jazz Diet pepsi came out I was the first in line. the Diet Strawberry Creme Pepsi was a favorite, the Caramel Cola Jazz tasted like toe jam sandwich.

Dorito's likes to fool around with new flavors and usually i'm on the fence with most of them. and they would probably all taste the same in the dark... which might have been the inspiration behind their newest ploy. Doritos Experiment # X-13D. in the vein of Great Bludini mystery Koolaid flavor, this bag is marked mysteriously with no clue as to what flavor to expect.

How bad could a dorito be? some new spicy twist on cheese? some kind of BBQ or Chipotle fusion? well, being the sucker i am i picked up a bag.

It was an odd initial taste reaction... as my tastebuds adjusted for a prepared expectation of ranch or cheese I started to realise i couldnt quite place it. The ingredients didnt really give me much of a clue since its all "Artificial Flavors" and science words.

The best way to describe it is to compare it to what i know... It's like a combination of Cool Ranch Doritos, Dill Pickle Potato Chips, and Harry Potter Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans Vomit Flavor.

Sorry Dorito's you struck out on this one. I should just stick to my guns and say "Don't Fuck With The Classics" you cant outdo Nacho Cheese flavor.

you can tell them what you think of it and they want to you name it at I think I'll call this "Creamy Dill Pickle Vomit"

update: you have to sign up for and they want hella info.. screw that shit. I still hope they call it something with "vomit" in the title.


Unknown said...

agreed. don't fuck with the originals.

jimbizzle said...

The buffalo sauce doritos are HELLA good.

Anonymous said...

I cant stand the pepsi carmel jazz thing jimbo loves it so much he can drink a gallon a day if it was possible .. im a fan of pepsi jazz french vanilla black cherry