May 21, 2007

Less than meets the Eye (transformers)

The new theatrical trailer for Transformers came out in front of another craptastic franchise "Pirates of the Carabean 3" check it out here;

close up stills of the robots.
click image for close ups on each

seriously.. flames? c'mon. yeah i'm not feeling it.. they seem overdone. and Ironhide has no Feet. not into the GM product placement either. they screwed up Optimus, made Bumble Bee a Camero and who knows what the eff Megatron is now. (a tank? ugh) this movie was a no brainer. way to overthink it hollywood. how much cooler can the Transformers get without being so cool they suck?

i hate to even diss a movie that like most guys my age have been wating for forever.. but yea... was the GM tie-in that nescesary?

how much of a no-brainer is "hey use a "new" beetle for bumblebee" ? ugh.

this at least LOOKS like a transformer.

and I can hear it now.. "how can we improve on the visual of a red-cab-over-semi that is the main icon for the transformers brand?" (and that we teased at Comicon for initial marketing)

" i know! lets completely change him into a blue non-cab-over with red tribal flames!!"

"ooh yea the kids will go nuts!"

i wonder if these outrageous robots will even translate into toys that will actually transform correctly?
where do you put bumblebee's wheels? i see bare break discs. the new ones dont even look like they transform. it just looks like a big jumble of metal and crap swirling around then a robot pops out

Greg from Yahoo movies:

I don't know, maybe I was expecting too much. To me, the thing that was appealing about a live-action 'Transformers' movie was that it had the opportunity to be so unique: a movie where giant talking robots are the heroes. Piece by piece as this project developed, little chunks were chipped away at the promise of this movie. The biggest blow wasn't the hiring of Michael Bay as director (although that is a huge factor), but the screenwriting decision to center this movie around a big ensemble cast of human characters. If the word "ensemble" is going to be used in a 'Transformers' movie, it should be referring to the robots, of which there are dozens of established characters, and not to humans, as they are pretty rare in 'Transformers' lore (I can think of Spike, and the ones that were in the 'Transformers' movie; I'm sure there are others of course). This trailer tries to introduce us to all these human characters, and I'm just wondering... who cares? If humans make up more than 10% of the screen time in a movie about armies of giant robots, that's already 9% too much. ... This movie is going to bomb worse than the 'modernized' "Godzilla" remake.

So he took a movie that should have been based on the Transformers, each with a well established personality and storyline, and turned it into a movie about some humans, with the Transformers playing supporting background characters.

I say we get some independent CGI guys and directors should and just make a proper transformers movie but to avoid infringment issues just bite the bullet and call it "GO-BOTS"

have it star this guy

well, now i'm even more disappointed. way to piss in everyones coco puffs Micheal Bay.
it will look cool and have lots of stuff blowing up but it wont be Transformers

but the bottom line is flames ...that kills it right there

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Mr. Stuart said...

I think the reason they went with GM was because that was the only car company who would liscence their cars to them, I don't know. Optimus Prime is actually based off a G2 Optimus truck, also not a cab-over, and with flames. And Megatron is a protoform Cybertronian jet, which is a reference to what made the Decepticons different in the first place (I'm showing my nerdiness by explaining all this): according to Transformers lore, the decepticons were the only cybertronians that could fly on their own.