May 24, 2007

Holy Lost Finale!!!

Ok, so thats it.. no more Lost till like Jan or Feb. thats gonna suck.

anyway, here's some horribly scattered thoughts and stuff that i've posted today on the Lost message board. sorry if they make no sense or if i repeat myself.

Hurley's Van
sorry to wizz in everyones cornflakes but that whole rescue scene with hurley and the van could never have happened because that whole episode with the van should never have happened. theres no way in magic island hell that they could get the VW running.

other than that i loved the episode.

PS: to the person who posted the spoiler in my thread about the future flash. if i find you i am going to elbow you in the side of the neck.

charlie wasnt supposed to die.
i know this isnt the newest idea but no one is looking at it like this .. its not a matter of whether he could have gotten out or that he chose to die or not..

once he found out that the helicopters from des's flash were possibly NOT FOR RESCUE he didnt have to die to fulfill is so-called destiny

i think when he found out that naomi wasnt with penny it changed everything and it would have been his duty to NOT DIE, go back and try and stop claire from getting on the chopper.

i think he's putting too much faith in desmonds visions. i'm sure if Penny came on the screen Des would have noted it in his vision and would have wanted to be in the room with charlie when he punched the keys.

i think desmond did see all those things but misread them.

he saw charlie drown in a flooded room with a light.

he also sees claire and aaron get on a helicopter.
this may very well happen also but not how he thinks.

he thinks its a rescue but since we now know the boat and helicopters may not be friendly they might be kidnapping Claire and Aaron for some reason. (the others like babies why not the boat people)

so, once des knew it was "NOT PENNYS BOAT" he tried to get charlie out of there.

Charlie sacrificing himself didnt make any sense at that point.

also, when did waterproof sharpies come out?

so.. its the future and they are all back home...
but, whatever happened to the found 815 wreckage? and all the "proof" that they were all dead?

what happened to Kate being a fugitive?

what happened to Walt and Micheal?

what happened with Penny and Widmore and the Island?

Did Locke and the Others stay behind?

did anyone stay behind?

seems like they just got gold passes and went back to their lives again.

I like the idea of at least some of the upcoming seasons, while not all off island, balanced like old seasons but taking place post-rescue, with the flashbacks being on-island.

i also like the idea that if they were rescued, why is it so hard for jack to get back to the island. he said "im sick of lying" so theres something fishy about the rescue.

IMO the "him" kate had to get back to was her son. who was born safely off the island.

(someone posted this on the boards i thought it was good)
I'm guessing that Ben was mostly telling the truth about the ship being a band of competing super-baddies who want the island's secrets for themselves. Now that they have triangulated its location they arrive and see the survivors of Oceanic 815, which may or may not be a surprise to them. I'm guessing Desmond gets the details about the boats true nature to the losties just in time for them to realize what an error they have made which puts them in a position to scramble and try and clean up their mess. They attack the new invaders, the invaders retaliate, and after realizing that the losties are a force to be reckoned with simply offer a deal. I'm guessing that the new regime offers Jack, Kate and maybe one or two others (Sun and Jun? Claire?) an offer to abandon their friends (who cannot be trusted to keep quiet) and to return home as the sole survivors of the crash. They offer Kate a clean slate through some super-power string pulling, and they offer Jack a chance at 'fixing' people again. The only hitch being ‘don't come back, and don't tell anyone or we'll bury you, and kill all your friends who we will hold hostage on the Island’. By removing Kate and Jack peacefully they can disband the resistance (they are after all the leaders) and resume taking over the island. My bet is that Sawyer in his full bloom of vengefulness will probably stay and fight, as would Sayid and obviously Locke. So I know that doesn't jibe with the coffin theories about John and Sawyer being the stiff. But just think about it - Jack is overcome with guilt and desperate to go back. Kate is looking glamorous and cool, finally not having to run (except from her demons) - I think this could be a real possibility. Also I think the flash forward is probably less than a year from TTLG's timeline. Any thoughts

this was my reply:
the person in the coffin might be someone who was keeping them from talking about the island.
and/or he was the one person who had the ability to take them back to the island. kate feels animosity because she doesnt want to think about him or the island. even had trouble going to see Jack. this is someone we will meet in upcoming episodes.

also if there were a rescue why would Kate and Jack be the first to go?

another small question is why is Kate in LA? she really had no ties to LA that we knew of. (right?)

Jack and his dead-alive dad
at the hospital jack referenced his dad like he was still alive. because he's all hopped up on Limbaugh specials and he has a crazy mountain beard.

part of me wants to think he didnt even work there anymore but they humored him because he's a nut job and he essentially came back from the dead and he just saved some people.

what is so freaking important that ben and locke are willing to kill everyone for?

its like "dude dont do it.. i swear its important but i cant tell you.. but dude, its huge. .trust me."

whatever it is.. Locke seems to be on the Koolaid train to Other Town now that he got a glimpse of whatever "it" is. seriously.. if its so huge that it makes everyone just succomb to the islands powers why not just confront the losties right away and be like "check dis out" then they would all be like "holy crap this koolaid is kickin" and they'd all be others.

but it seems like whatever it is, is more sinister and something that they'd have to pick and choose followers. as in the list.

whats next?
with all these new plot lines and questions.. will they ever get back to the numbers and all the questions surrounding the Swan hatch? perhaps these will be answered when they explain Jacob and the island.

season 1 was about the crash and the losties. season 2 was about the swan. season 3 was about the others. i predict season 4 5 6 will have to cover in no particular order. The Island, Penny and Widmore and the forementioned situation regarding Jack and Kate and the rescue.

well i guess thats all i got.. there was tons of other stuff like how bad ass the losties finally got and how many people died. and how Bernard was a homo for squealing.. Hurley's fatness etc.. but yea.. if you have more feel free to comment.

its gonna be a long summer.

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