May 3, 2007

LOST... i dont buy this "were all dead" crap.

Here's my random thoughts on last night's LOST "the brig" in no particular order.

Sawyer and Lockes dad:
that was predicted that Cooper would be Sawyer, but cool to see the final outcome.
i wonder why ben wanted Cooper dead so bad?

Richard Alpert:
Cant trust anything the others say so i'm pretty much disregarding anything Richard said to Locke.

but if you want to lend any creedance into Alperts speech. i kinda thought that all along. that the pregnancy thing was just a side issue. which is why juliete has always seemed like an outsider. and more inclined to be part of a coup against ben who they might think is getting to high and mighty.

whatever "it" is might be blown out of proportion to what it really might end up being. the "others" have a faith or belief in something that isnt as special as they think.
reference the Twilight Zone episode "the old man in the cave"

... is a lying untrustworthy piece of crap slutface.
(who is using Sawyer for something just like the other men in her life)

They're dead?
OK if they are dead i'm cashing out right now and going home. But IMO they cant be dead because the others come and go, have contact with the outside world. also because Penny detected a signal from the islands coordinates. Unless the others are angels or gods or something they cant be dead.. if they are.. again.. i'm taking my last paycheck and putting in my notice ASAP. Cooper only thinks they are dead because he doesnt know anything except a car crash and then he was there. it was obviously set up by the others.

Juliette and Jack.
ok so, they arent dead...what then? Jack knows the secret and this is obviously why he's been acting like a tard since he came back. many think what "we should tell her" is that Kate is pregnant, that the comms are down or that the Sub (only way off the island) blew up. i still think its none of those things...i want to think it has to do with why the others are so ga-ga over the island and ben. Unless Cindy (the flight attendant turned Ben follower) isnt in on it, i dont understand why she is so into being an other now. i think jack got a glimpse of whatever it is and its enough to trust juliete and not be upfront with the losties right away.

Still an enigma. Sounds like the chain of events we predicted is pretty accurate. Snow guys find anomoly, report it to Penny. Penny disbaches Naomi's company to look for him. Why Penny knew to look for anomalys is another question that needs answered.
Sayid has the right idea. he doesnt and will not trust anyone. I think they need to find patchy to help him fix the radio. If there is a way off the island he knows.
If Jack and Juliet know theres a way off there must be something really big keeping them there. possibly to take down Ben.

also i think naomi wasnt sent to tell them they are all dead. she just happened to know about it through news reports

More Ruins:
not a 4 toed statue but seemed like they were from the same time. more evidence an ancient civilzation once inhabited the island. Locke doesnt ask about it.

what the heck did she need dynamite for? I didnt see Alex or Carl at the camp. maybe she was going to bust them out of a prison somewhere?

Smoke Monster Sounds
the smokey "tick tick tick tick " sounds were heard at the beginning of one of the scenes of locke or ben at the others camp. many have said its not there or that its just jungle sounds. i'll have to watch again. it was pretty distinct tho.

Sayid digging?
Why was Sayid digging in the jungle?

ok thats it... as always cant wait till next week!

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