May 14, 2007

Feliz Dia De Los Madres!

Happy Mothers Day mother fuckers!
(thats me and my bro with mom taking a totally non sexual bath with each other)

i got my mom a flower pot thingy which i found out after i payed that it costs $50. definatly not worth it but mom liked it so i guess it was ok.

For Megs mom we went to this hoity toity restaurant for breakfast. Tthis is the second time i've gone there and didnt like it. meg likes it tho. its overpriced and its in uppity my-shit-dont-stink walnut creek.

the food is eeeh, but they dont serve hashbrows AT ALL. what kind of breakfast restaurant doesnt even make hashbrowns? they just have these weird potatoes. Their basic egg/meat breakfasts come with toast but, no potatoes. wtf is that about?

i got corned beef hash the first time and it had fucking mushrooms in it? MUSHROOMS! gross. and this time i reread the menu and it lists mushrooms. i sort of remember asking for no mushrooms and getting them anyway but not complaining because it took forever to get our food.

This time i got french toast, figured that would be safe. it wasnt anything spectacular. wasnt even good for french toast. The frenchtoast and shortstack egg/meat combos came with Bacon AND sausage. i wanted the waffle but felt ripped off because it said bacon OR sausage. why do they need to get skimpy on the meat because its a damn waffle?

anyway.. about the sausage AND bacon thing. celeste ordered the same as me. french toast combo, but like me, her mom observed the AND/OR thing and made sure to say "can she get an extra bacon instead of the sausage?" then i gave my order and she didnt ask me if i wanted AND/OR bacon. which you'd expect if youre getting both anyway. so then she came back and said to celeste "did you want an extra side of bacon... because that comes with bacon OR sausage..."

i asked her if she was sure its not AND instead of OR. because i remember i wanted the fucking waffle but didnt because i wanted both meats, just for the sheer principle of it. we looked at the menu and i was right... fucking bitch trying to jip me on my meat sides

and this place has the nerve to put a sign up that said "if your food or service does not meet your expectations... lower your expectations" .... Look fuckers, if you dont want me getting my hopes up, dont charge $11 for 3 eggs some shitty sausage and no potatoes you uppity walnut creek pieces of shit.

I'll take Waffle House any day over that piece of crap.
home of the 3.99 all-star special! everything you need PLUS grits!
dont forget the attractive wait staff

and you can read this and other restaurant reviews of mine on yea I "yelp" now.


Anonymous said...

You probably peed in the tub.

jimbizzle said...

I "down home" breakfast places. Fuck the fancy shit. I just want some biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon!

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