May 21, 2007

time to dust off those ol' Y2K kits.

Ok all those other end of the world postings i had were just kids stuff. this shit is the shit. As predicted by the Mayan calendar, the Chinese i-Ching and a computer program that predicts shit called Web-Bot, the world is going to end on Dec 21st, 2012 and there is'nt anything any of us can do about it. The Earth will be aligned with the Sun and the black hole at the center of the Milky Way and its gonna fuck shit up big time. Can you say tropical vacation in Alaska? Scientists say this fits in with astronomical predictions they've had as well.. So when the fuck we're they gonna tell us?

here's a crappy (by crappy i mean CRAPPY) cam corder recording of the Discover show i watched last night as shown on Youtube. (seriously, ever heard of a VCR? Tivo?)
part 1

part 2

part 3 (still with me?)

part 4

kinda scares the shit out of me a little bit.

there's a bunch of other info on this all over the internets. just take some time and do some Googleresearch.. I'ts a lot easier to just take my word for it.


Mr. Stuart said...

I dunno, I never buy into this stuff too much, especially when its on the History channel. Like their historical shows on the old west and stuff like that, totally make sense. But this stuff... a lot of it seems unsubstantiated. like the show they did on the bible code... supposedly the bible, when run through a computer program, predicts all kinds of catastrophes and shit... but to be impartial, other scientists have run other books through the same program and had the same results (they found predictions of the Kennedy assasinations in Moby Dick). I dunno, I just get the feeling that December 22nd 2012, a lot of these people are gonna be feeling a bit silly.

Anonymous said...

i need to stop readin gyou postes... some times htey scare me. thanks kirk... thanks for the new sleepelss nights i will have thanks for the night terror i will have when i cactualy get to sleep thanks for the ulsers...