May 18, 2007

Safeway vs Safeway

Do you think that the cereal isle is a high traffic spot in the grocery store where people usually stop and browse for an extended period of time? Would you say the same about the ice cream isle?

yea me too ... answer me this... why would a grocery store, that narrowed its isles to put in a starbucks put the Cereal and Ice Cream across from each other in the same isle..

Let me explain...

I go to the downtown safeway. A lot of people call it the ghetto safeway because its next to the highschool and the County Hospital. A lot of the local scum go to that one but its my safeway and i know where shit is.

theres another safeway on the other side of town in the Virginia Hills Alhambra Valley area.. where the more affluent residents of Martinez live. i go there from time to time when my Safeway is out of one thing or another.. ( i could go to Albertsons or NobHill but i'm in the club.. the Safeway Club. i have a membership card and everything!) anwyay, they remodeled recently and added a fancy bakery and a starbucks. the thing is tho they dont really have the square footage to accommodate so.. they cut inventory and narrowed the isles. it seems like they did anyway. other than them having less stuff to choose from they go and put the cereal next to the ice cream! It's a crowded mess there now. Fake breasted soccer moms bumping into eachother... health conscious senior citizens in jogging suits getting knocked over by spoiled teenage employees. its chaos.

Rita suggested that they put the Ice Cream next to the feminine products. and now that i think about it at the ghetto safeway it is. Adjacent to the frozen section with the desserts and ice cream is the paper towels, toilet paper and pick nick gear. the condoms and tampax are at the end of that isle across from the Frozen Pies and Coolwhip.

we may be ghetto but were not so full of ourselves we feel the need for a hardwood floored bakery, wine rack and Starbucks Kiosk. we dont fuck around. we put the tampax next to the bon-bons. as it should be.

and none of this is really any skin off my back.. i go to the ghetto safeway.. but it still offends my sense of logic. much like the Oasis Furniture Oasis thing.

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Anonymous said...

Youd thingk fake breasted soccer moms bumping intoeachother would be hot...

I love safeway. And i dont care who knows it. Im glad they are in Oregon. GLets God Oakland Lets go! GOOOO A's