May 25, 2007

hey, anyone in there?

You ever go to use a stall in a public bathroom and the door is closed but you dont know someone is in there and you try to open it and you make a big ruckus because its locked. and then feel bad for the person you just made clinch off a full turd and give them a bad break because they thought you were gonna bust in on them? You could have asked "hey is anyone in there" but that sucks too because if there is, someone who is bare-ass-to-porcelain nursing a turtle head has to answer you. or they are too embarassed to answer and you end up making a ruckus on the door anyway.

I hate when I do that. I hate it even more when someone does it to me. but i did it last night. i had band practice right before school so i brought a change of non-sweaty clothes. i got to DVC and went to change in the bathroom. the stall door is always closed because its spring loaded or whatever. but it swings open if its not locked. so in a hurry i grabbed the top of the door and started rustling with it to see if it was gonna open but it was locked.

i felt hella bad. and to make it worse i ended up staying in there to change anyway outside the stall. if i were the person in there i'd be like sweating and hoping I would hurry up and leave so i could wipe or let out the last of my shit and leave without anyone seeing that i was the one who stunk up the bathroom.

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

you need to relax!