May 11, 2007

I hate all of you.

nah, just kidding. Jesse came by the studio where Dustin and I were rocking out. he got on the mic and surprisingly sounded pretty rad with what we were doing. I think were on to something!

keep ya posted.

here's some stupid pictures.

this is as close as i come to "southern" rita.

best gift ever!

2nd best would be if someone got me this rad mustard poster. what it was doing on a taqueria wall i'll never know.
i think these are plans for a time machine. they were up in some abandoned store front window.

i love it when stores make their own crappy signs. this one was made with conviction tho.
when they say no minors, they mean business!

thats what a drumset looks like packed away in my car.

1 comment:

Jessica A. Walsh said...

LMAO at the homemade sign. Minors will be turned into the police! LoL. I hope they meant turned in to the police. We wouldn't want minor police officers running around!