May 17, 2007

Lost thursday...

more random thoughts as posted on the lost message boards about last nights episode "Greatest Hits"

just wanted to point out i totally predicted that this ep would be about charlie and Naomi would say she's heard of Drive Shaft and tell him they put out a Greatest Hits album that is soaring up the charts due to Charlie's supposed death in the plane crash. I also predicted the the person yelling "my people are coming" would be Karl. ok on with the randomness.

Greatest Hits
how can Drive Shaft have a greatest Hits album (predicted by me) when they were a sodding one hit wonder. i hate the music industry.. suddenly songs the label and radio passed up on are "good enough" to be hits.

anyhoo.. Naomi must be freaking out.. she's taking it pretty well.

not about meeting a famous dead rockstar but about the island, the others, the 815 survivor conundrum.. etc..

Looking Glass "Hatch?"
we called the swan station "the hatch" because locke called the swan a hatch because all of season 1 all we saw was the door.. which is what Hatch means -an opening.

1. Nautical.
a. Also called hatchway. an opening, usually rectangular, in the deck through which passengers can pass, cargo can be loaded or unloaded, etc.
b. the cover over such an opening.
2. an opening that serves as a doorway or window in the floor or roof of a building.

as seen here dharma calls the Looking Glass a hatch, not a station.

its odd they'd call the Looking Glass a hatch.. makes no sense unless they mean the LG is an opening or doorway or portal of some kind.

i dont want to think that there are any portals or black holes involved.
also i think "hatch" is a pretty odd word to use. its a stretch since hatch traditionally is like a small opening with a door. i think that in the vocabulary of LOST the word "hatch" has come to mean "station" or "bunker" as well. i think it could be the writers having fun.

"why didnt they just cut the cable?"
the only reason I'm trying to theorize that it ISNT the power cable and you could simply just cut it is because that would mean the losties are morons and didnt even think to cut it. instead they let charlie risk his life to flip a switch.
its insulting to our intelligence if it was as simple as cutting the cable. my argument isnt really why didnt they cut it but more like why didnt they explain why they couldnt or wouldnt or.. even discuss it at all.

sayid was just like "we need to get rescued, someones gettin' wet!"

what was Sayids plan?
"ok charlie swim down there and while holding your breath, look for some kind of control room, then look for something that might be labeled "jammer switch" if you cant find that just start flipping switches and knobs until you run out of air"

the only reason charlie knew what to do was because of desmonds flash. how did sayid expect him to know what do?

Desmonds flash vs Juliettes statements
the Looking Glass being flooded would coincide with Desmonds flash so there was no reason not to trust it. but now that it isnt flooded does that mean she was lying .. does that mean desmond was lying or wrong?

i think that desmonds flash was right about seeing charlie in a flooded station flipping a switch and drowning. even tho we see an unflooded station, all this means is that possibly the station could get flooded later on and charlie finds the switch after its flooded or the switch is in a flooded portion of the station..

this being said Juliette could still be telling the truth as far as she knows. also if a portion of it is flooded she's not 100% wrong.

Thoughts on the episode in general and predictions
it was kind of anticlimactic IMO. all this lead up to helicopters and yellow switches and others invading.

i know its a set up for next week but i was kinda hoping next week would be a whole mess of crap i wasnt expecting to already be shown to some extent.

I think its possible we wont see charlie's situation resolved until next season.

i hope the finale isnt 2 hours of Jack vs Ben.

will we ever get a resolution from a big scene from the finale of season 2? .. the snow station guys, the anomaly and Penny? they started to touch on this with the arrival of Naomi but seriously Lost, we've been waiting since the end of season 2!

Tid Bits
the chick charlie saves in the Alley was Sayid's chickypoo Nadia.

Charlie and Naomi are both from Manchester.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - I was thinking why not cut the cord? But then, I have a feeling that Sayid may want to check out the Hatch for himself at a later point. I wanna know how locke factors into all this now? I have a feeling the insurgance by the hostiles will be very little of the finale...I bet Locke makes it back to dual it out with Ben...

So much going on...Not sure where they want to end it...

Andy (taco master)