May 7, 2007


no, im not talking about my lunch break today.

I'm talking about mentally handicapped people working there. Remember those commercials in the 80's with the retarded guy who says "I dont know you but i love you" ? if anyone at mcdonalds told me they loved me.. i dont know i would be really uncomfortable.

but he was retarded so we forgive him. which is kind of rude because they're working at mcdonalds so they can fit in with everyone else and not get singled out. but NO mcdonalds goes and makes them the main feature of their commercail... "look we hire retards" even tho he probably just wants to be treated like every other shitty mcdonalds worker. He only wants to be just as sub-par and rude as all the other empoloyees and have people be mad at him for screwing up their order or not bringing it on time.

If you think about it you kind of have to be somewhat retarded to work there anyway. I'm sure they have one average to smart person working there who shoots to managment right away and is like their god. but they are better than mcdonalds and leave for a better job. maybe you should get diagnosed with some kind of mental handicap when you work there so that when you fuck up its cute and people just blow it off because after all you werent drooling and hitting your self in the head when you spilled the coke all over the ladies dress.

sorry about this random rant. and sorry if you know someone that is a retard. maybe you should get them a job at mcdonalds.... hell maybe they'll be smarter than the trash they have working there and they can be the one shooting up to managment. $9.00 an hour here we come!


jimbizzle said...

What if you are 16 years old and work at McD's? Are you then retarded as well?

My word verification was "mnmsdmmh". Kinda weird.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Damn, here it is Thursday and you last posted Monday. Something wrong or is it just a boring week and nothing has pissed you off yet?