May 11, 2007

Lost blog time!

are you ready fuckers?

Man Behind the Curtain was a doozie. i think i came out of it knowing less about the island and the others than i thought i did before.

here's some stuff i posted on the Lost boards yesterday and today.

Roger Linus (aka Uncle Rico) and the Swan.
before he died he was wearing a SWAN station suit. i wonder if back then the swan shifts were shorter before the quarantine.

now that i've said it..we knew Kelvin was afraid of "hostiles" but what the heck was the quarantine/sickness/incident/giant make shift cement wall/numbers/computer/magnetic anomaly?????????? 48 episodes left guys.. better get cracking.

Locke got shot.
is that the end of Terry O'Quin? i hope not.. if he ends up living, how will it go down?

1. island heals him?

2. climbs out of hole and finds jack who will save him?

3. Richard Alpert comes to save him and shows him the REAL meaning of the island.

4. Locke doesnt die but just lays in pain for the rest of the series.

so far i'm hoping its #3 with a little bit of #1 mixed in.

Portland problem...
Current time on the Island is around December 22, and it's Ben's birthday.
That was a pretty nice day in Mid-December in either Oregon or Maine. I mean, Godspeed was driving a convertible with the top down.

Fertility Problem
i think the fertility problems are related to ben but caused by jacob.

Jacob is making fertility impossible because ben holds him captive. Ben cant have his utopia and has to be constantly reminded of his mothers death. jacob is using it to torture ben.

while the orientation video talked about islands about health abnormalities, i think the healing was always part of the island but the fertility thing came later.. which is why its a problem Ben is just now dealing with.

Richard Alpert uses Oil of Olay.
he hasnt seemed to age at all in 30 years.. some say he's immortal and a survivor from the black rock.. i dont. i think that is retarded. if you think about it ben was 11 and while they may have done a shoddy make up job, the long hair was supposed to make him look younger. my guess is around 20. so in 2004 ben is 40 and Alpert is 50.. he wouldnt look much older than Ben does at that age. Richard cant help it that he has permenant mascara on that makes him look younger than ben.

you think maybe no one else has seen him is because ben took them there and they were so caught up in the hype? they just blindly had faith that jacob was there even tho they really didnt see or hear anything.

the reason Locke was special to Jacob was because he was the only one that was smart enough to doubt ben's claims. the only one truly worthy to have the true jacob revealed to him.

maybe at one time Ben was very doubtful about jacob. an angry kid who wants to see his dead mom. maybe his ability to communicate with Jacob gave him "leader" status.

i think richard may have always just been one of the followers of a previous leader.. that or Jacob was the leader who found a full communion with the island who didnt communicate with humans until ben came along.

now they are all sick of Ben who's getting carried away with his power and see in Locke a way to get out from under bens rule.

and... its not that you cant use flashlights or that jacob doesnt like technology. its because ben doesnt want jacob to have any power. its because Jacob is made of energy and takes the energy from electric objects like flashlights to become heard and seen. thats why ben(or the hostiles) has jacob stuck out in the woods in a cabin.

Jacob might be a smokey. not THE smokey but similar to it.

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