May 4, 2007

happy cuatro de mayo

I hope i didnt screw that up.

We got offered Giants tix yesterday. they were great seats 3rd deck box, first row on the 3rd base side... only thing is that it was cold, and raining and the Giants sucked ass.

I'm jamming with a new band tonite. gonna see if they like me. i hope its cool. I'll keep you posted.

anyhoo, here's your friggin' photos.

jackson pollock tagged up the skatepark.

what was it that Mikhial said the cable on the beach was for.. a beacon or BACON!?

our seats... close to the action! we saw 3 foul balls land all around us.. thanks for the tip Val "no you wont need a glove, no foul balls ever come up there"

they should do a remake of Dumbo but use my dog instead.

former home of Ca. Governor from way back in the day. i drive by this daily

"go to the light carolann"

this one is for Jimbo "Surprise.... BOOBS!"

AT&T park from the street.
i dont love him.

by "failure" we mean "broken glass" and "personal injury"

my dad's name is David Shelton... but thats not him. IMPOSTER!!!

piglet... king of the castle.


this is the grand lake theater. the one that made history when they waived the PG-13 rating so that all ages could go see Farienhiet 911. they are a totally left wing theater. check out the message they have up this week.. (click for big)


Rita said...

Yea for George pics!

The theater is really cool, too!

jimbizzle said...

I loves me some b( . Y . )bies! But I hates me some Giants.

I didn't know Crap In The Sack makes grilled cheese. I hella want one now!