May 29, 2007

Star Wars was Fantasy

I was flipping channels last night and stopped on the History Channel. They had this show about the technology of the Star Wars movies and trying to compare it to tech we really have. Most of it is just really fantastic and is pretty much impossible. and some of it like Luke's prosthetic arm we have now and stuff. But the whole premise behind this show was kind of pointless. they were trying to say that "some day" when we get as advanced as they were in Star Wars, as if to say when we get to the future as portrayed by Star Wars. Unlike Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, which is supposed to be the future of Earth native humans voyaging through space using technology based on plausible theories of Earth science, George Lucas gave Star Wars the ultimate disclaimer, a line of narrative dialog that, in my mind, hopes to prevent pointless comparisons to what is and isn't possible or plausible according to what we know about science.

Those words were simply. "A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away" when i first saw this i thought to myself, how perfect. a prefect way to introduce this as pure fantasy and quell the scientific naysayers. but alas, humans want everything to be about them. Maybe i'm looking way too much into this. thats just what i thought while i was watching them try to explain Light Sabers. I always though Lucas putting that line in was good tho to separate Star Wars from Sci-Fi and put it more in the realm of fantasy. But its aliens and lasers so you get a bunch of nerds trying to dissect it.

Speaking of Sci-Fi, there was this other show on about Star Trek. Christies was auctioning off props from all of the Star Trek shows and movies. Trekkies are fucking crazy. Miniature Models of the Enterprise and Klingon ships were selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then after the auction they showed the rich nerds that bought the stuff. they had whole rooms in thier houses decked out like a star trek set. Full uniforms on manequins on display along side a chair from the bridge of the enterprise.. i bet that went for 300,000 easy. anyhoo, people are really into thier sci-fi.

I wonder if Lost will ever get like that? I got dibbs on the computer from the Swan hatch!

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Chris said...

Keen of you to note the SW disclaimer. Still, and maybe because I am one, it's fun to speculate on whether humans will ever have the technological knowhow to say, build a moon-sized orbital battlestation.