May 16, 2007

I hate Armando Benitez, Basketball and Shows About Crab Fishing

The Giants have this closer pitcher named Benitez.. he sucks. he's the scariest thing to have in there trying to save a lead.. he likes to load the bases in the 9th inning with 2 outs and then get the game saving out with a deep pop fly ball to center feild. and while all of our fingertips are sore from biting our nails and our nerves are shot and were ready to reach into the TV and put an elbow in his neck, he smiles and laughs and congratualtes him self on a game well saved. makes you want to punch him more.

Last night the Giants were beating Houston, sitting sweet with a 5-3 lead in the 8th inning. Taschner comes in to relieve the starter Morris and just got 2 guys in a row out in the bottom of the 8th.. and for some unknown reason Bochy, the Giants manager brings in Benitez. Who then walks a guy on 4 pitches, then on a 3-1 pitch throws one right down the middle for a 2 run homer.. the Astros end up getting another homerun in the 9th to win the game. what the fuck Bochy? what the fuck Benitez?

As if the stress from watching Benitez piss the game away I switched over to TNT to catch the Warriors game. I never really gave a shit about basketball but its Oakland and they're underdogs so its kind of fun to see. As I'm watching this I realised that i hate basketball. I'm constantly baffled by the fouls. Meg played basketball all through high school so she "gets" it. So i keep saying .. why was that a foul?... why WASNT that a foul the dude ate shit and the other guy took the ball? I think basketball players are pussies..its like.. "uuggghh foul foul he touched me" shut up fucker you MADE the shot.. you shouldnt get to shoot foul shots after the fact. two guys totally slam into each other and theres blood flying.. no foul. everything looks like its going smooth no one is interrupted but then its a foul.. WTF? its very frustrating. I think they should have full contact basketball.. Gorrilla Ball bitches!

"no reaching in" what is that bullshit? ...goal tending? come on thats a position someone actually plays in other sports! I am the GOAL TENDER.. i prevent the other team from scoring.... hello! its called defense. I guess i will never understand it.

So I watched while the Warriors missed shots on a gazillion rebounds to lose to Utah.. then i flipped channels for a while.. then on a whim i went back to FSN to see what was on.. the A's game that started when the Giants game started was STILL on was the 11th inning and there was like 4 people in the crowd. A guy stole home to win it and the n the team rushed the field like it was the world series. The whole thing was kind of pathetic. but, like the Warriors they are local so.. um, for Jimbo... GO A's

While i was flipping around i caught the end of a show my brother told me about called BullRun its hosted by Goldberg from WWF so i never really gave it a chance but it looked like a pretty cool show. Its a rally race from like Canada to Mexico and theres all these teams. there's challenges througout the race they have to win to get points or something.

My brother told me there was Lamborghini and a 69 Charger and some rice racers and other exotic cars. The episode i saw was the finale i guess. It was rad that the final 3 cars were the unexpected contestants. a father daughter team in a 98 Trans Am, a 76 Oldsmobile and a new Ford F-150 4x4 pick up truck! the bit i saw was the last leg from like Vegas to the Mexico/Arizona border.

The F-150 team was behind like 2 hours and thought they didnt have a chance but they ended up taking crazy ass dirt backroads through the desert and cut like an hour off thier time. beat the other cars to the border but it wasnt enough because they were so far behind in the challenges or something and the Trans Am team won.. it was fun to watch tho and i'd definatly watch it again next season. i hope they have another season.. TV sucks they cancel good shows but "Deadliest Catch" is still fucking on. i get it Crab fishing sucks.
Thank god LOST is on tonight!


Anonymous said...

The Shield

Kirk said...

why watch the Shield when Law & Order is on 27-7? ... and why watch Heroes when there's LOST?

jeez man.

Unknown said...

I get so entranced by Deadliest Catch it's crazy. They keep showing them doing the same things over and over again, but yet I keep watching it. And I hate looking at those crabs with the barnacles on them, eeeeeeeeeeww, sooooo fucking gross.

jimbizzle said...

Go A's! You do love me, Kirk. You really do love me!