May 25, 2007

next time you get a mcdonalds breakfast...

...ask them for some jelly, strawberry preferably. put it on your hashbrown. its really fucking good.

on with the photos. but speaking of mcdonalds.. there was a puddle of vomit in the parking lot of mcdonalds this morning. it had a ketchup packet in it. it was kind of rad but it was really gross and making me kind of sick looking at it so i didnt take a pic of it. sorry to let you all down like that.

McAfee Colosseum sucks my ass. a Giants fan was chanting "We got HD"
AT&T park spend a gajillion dollars on a huge HD scoreboard screen. The A's have some piece of shit screen from the early 90's. but they have two of them. one at each Raiders end zone. must suck sharing a stadium with a football team.. oh thats right it does, thats why we got our own ballpark. Go Fremont A's!

one night we hear this loud noise like a car wreck and it was this yellowish car. the dude lives near us in those apts and he was drunk and trying to park his big ass car hit the telephone pole across the street. this other day he was getting a jump for some reason. the point of my story is that later i noticed the license plate says "8TRKMAC" so awesome.

this place has the best Carnitas ever!

what a cheap bastard you are Randy.

toxic BBQ

ok see ya later.


jimbizzle said...

How was that BBQ food? Are you still a live?

Anonymous said...

For a long time, I'd get a McDonalds Big Breakfast and I'd always ditch the hash brown and the biscuit. Never really liked either of them. But then a few years back, something magical happened. Even though the strawberry jam they throw in the bag is supposed to be for the biscuit, (and I guess you're supposed to put ketchup on the hash brown) I put the strawberry jam on the hash brown and the rest, as they say, is history.

Anonymous said...

randy IS a cheap bastard.
i never paid.