Jun 26, 2007

20-1 Odds that Someone Will Get Trampled Trying to get an iPhone

"...In fact, BetUS.com figures the odds are 20-1 that someone will get trampled while scrambling to snag one June 29. The site has also put odds on how long the batteries will last and whether the devices will be recalled." - Livescience.com

oh sweet technology Batman. I for one will not be getting trampled, nor even getting in line to get an iphone. A: i have verizon and the iphone is not available on "The Network" B: if it was, I cant afford the bells and whistles wireless plan you need to get 90% of the things that makes the iphone cool.

I think the iphones are going to be the bee's knees but with all the hype there's no friggin way its going off without a hitch. if the format of this entry sucks, its because i posted it via Digg.com's "blog it" feature. (pics and links added later via blogger thank you)

i just thought it was hilarious that a betting website has posted odds on shit like this.. reminds me of that movie Rat Race when they bet everything under the Vegas sun.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, seems very likely that someone's going to get hurt. And while you won't catch me in one of those lines, I have pulled similar stunts in other circumstances. And I'm collecting such tales on my blog if you have one to share: