Jun 29, 2007

Friday just pooped all over you.

yes, its that time of the week again. friday photo... but first here's a couple announcments.

1. thanks for coming to the chat party, if you want come back again today.
2. screw you in the face for not chatting yesterday.
3. Sicko comes out today. you must go see it!
4. craziness for iphone getting starts today. (20-1 odds someone will get trampled)

thats it. here's your damn pictures.

scenic martinez ca.


sicko opens today!

my dad

the russian mafia eating mexican food right outside my cubicle

way to roll out the friggin red carpet SF Giants... they put the away team on the beer cups! WTF?
hunka hunka burnin' truck... smokestacks. dude you rule!

here's that mother fucking redundant sign from that retarded Furniture Oasis Furniture place.

my new mouse thats wierd

KFC is that bad.

BULLSHIT! Mythbusters busted this!!

killer seats for the game!

HD scoreboard.. suck on that Oakland A's

OK thats it. have a good weekend. dont stab anyone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

to late i already stabbed one person... screw you and your HD we keep it real in the hood!! we wear our prowings and fake nike. we sport the knockoff handbags and we watch our tv in analog!!!!