Jun 20, 2007

wake the fuck up

i had kind of a hectic lunch. lots of human and car traffic. lame drivers. there was some dude in a sports car going 20 down San Pablo ave. Chile Jalepeno's was overflowing with people. (i'm tellin' ya the secret is out on that place) so didnt get to get what i wanted. I ended up at ghetto jack in the box. Seems like i'm always geting mad at stuff but the thing is, i dont have high expectations. so i think thats why i get so mad when things are sub-par.

but the point of this blog, i witnessed something interesting at Jack in the Box. like i always do. it wasnt a huge thing but it was just another example of how dumb and inconsiderate people are. young people in this case.

she ordered right after me and i'm sitting waiting for my food. i see her standing right next to the pick up window (yes this jack in the box has a 2" thick glass window)she's all ready to get her food, even tho 2 people before me are still waiting. my insight and observational skills gave me the ability to pick up on but something either she lacked completely or was overshadowed by her impatience prevented her of noticing this fact. so she pushed to the front of everyone and stood there.

then the cashier signals toward her. I noticed.. she didnt.. at this point i noticed she had a cellphone up to her head. then again the cashier says "ma'am" again and she noticed this time. once the cashier got her attention she tells her.. "you still need to pay me $1.27". This is when i deduced that she must have been on that cellphone since before she even walked in the front door.

you fucking moron bitch.. put down the friggin phone and pay god damned attention. i was so pissed inside. while it didnt effect me personally.. it was insulting to and downright beating my intelligence sensless.

Part of me wanted to reach up and knock the phone off her head and yell "WAKE THE FUCK UP" but i'm not violent like that.. plus every 400lb black woman in there would have came to defend her and yell something about racism or something. and there were at least 3 in there.
she was still young so she was only like 280 still.. give her 20 years. i have nothing against fat people mind you. but they would have beat my ass. mathematics alone was against me.

and just to be clear a 280 lb girl wasnt just getting $1.27 worth of Jack in the Box ... she didnt forget to pay.. she just forgot to PAY attention to how much she actually owed.. or was too stupid to figure out the math. that you cant pay for a meal thats 11.27 with a $10. fucking retard.

just a self centered inconsiderate rude ignorant typical american teen.
just pisses me off how young people these days just dont get it. i just want to slap them and say "wake the fuck up"

while this makes me sound like a crabby old man, its because i am.. im fucking 30 but i wasnt that RETARDED when i was younger. i dont think i really knew anyone that asstarded.


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jimbizzle said...

God damn dude! You are a bitter old man. You remind me of this dude that was on my street when I was a kid. I was only allowed to go from telephone pole to telephone pole on my bike. His house was the last house before the telephone pole. He didn't have any cars parked in his drive way, so I asked him if I could use his drive way to turn around. He started yelling, swearing, and going on and on about a lack of respect. Wasn't I showing respect by asking?

Oh well.. fuck'em. He probably died from asshole cancer.