Jun 5, 2007

Theres Vinyl in them thar boxes!

I rescued this old record player from a garage sale about 2 years ago. I got back in working condition finally last Saturday. We spent the latter part of the evening playing records and learning the subtle art of setting a needle on the record.

Around the same time I got the turntable we inherited meg's granparents' old record collection. It was all pretty much what your grandparents listened to in the 60's and 70's. In other words what my parents called "old people music" when they were in their 20's.

There were like 3 boxes full. I started flipping through and found a couple things that looked like they might be cool. but there was a whole section of sexy looking records. here's a few selections.

this is like music you play to seduce your secretary at the ad agency.
lol NICE.. this was the equivalent of roofies back in the day.

Jackie Gleason, helping men get laid since 1945

And what pad would be complete without "music for dining"
and "more music for dining"

Here's some that were sure keepers and some that were just too good not to mention here.
we scored with some classic Cosby. Pre-Dr.Hucstable

i just love this cover. the music is good too.

Classic Cheech & Chong complete with oversized joint rolling paper!

its amazing how 50 Gibson guitars sounds like a bunch of violins fucking a horn section.

this one just looks satanic. I think Morbid Angel used this painting for one of their covers too.

too bad "I dont wanna get hit in the rear again" isnt on this record.

this one sounds like music you'd hear in the old Star Trek show. like when they would go to a foreign planet inhabited by Amazon GO-GO dancers or something.

gotta love the whole pop-art movement from the early 60's. there were a few records in this "persuasive" series with pop-art covers.

HA! Rita this has "take me home" on it!!

another great cover. it truly is a lost art.

Meg is all juiced too because there were a million Christmas albums. From super religious to Nat King Cole to all instrumental symphony and sing along crap. I hate christmas. And even tho we sampled every record in the boxes she said "KEEP" sight unseen on all the xmas shit. this december is gonna suck!

Almost all of theses made sure to point out somewhere in a bold stylized logo that it was in "Stereo" or "Living Sound" or something cheesy like that. Check out how much of a big deal they made out of 4 track recording on some of them. they even made a diagram explaining it. (click for big if you wanna try to read their technical explanation)

So I'm in the vinyl world now. next step is going down to the local Indie record shop to browse used 12 inches. maybe we'll find some cool obscure not so "old" stuff.


Anonymous said...

emenem is on vynal.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

LOL at The Tender Touch and Jackie Gleason presents ooooooooooooo

You guys are Luckeee!