Jun 19, 2007

single white male syndrome

theres this he's this total old dude assembly guy in the shop. every time i walk out there he says "KIRK BABY!!" i try not to make eye contact with him now because he'll ask me how i am or say "have a good weekend" at like 2:00 on friday afternoons.. I tell him i'm not leaving and he says "ok just in case i dont see ya" he comes into the office sometimes when i'm the only one in here just to say "hi" it seems like. its starting to get creepy. he hasnt had a woman in a while. I know he's not gay because he's asked the receptionist out and got shot down. He also asked about Beth's lesbian roomate that used to work here but Beth had to tell him he's "not her type"

so anyway, I dont get it. but every time he yells enthusiastically "Kirk Baby" when i walk by the assembly area I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.

maybe he just wants a friend. or I'm like the son he never had. He goes fishing. thats like his big claim to fame. He has his photos of him holding up his whatever pound something fish he caught. he totally knows I dont fish... I've told him this. I dunno what his deal is but its fucking weird.

PS: my mouse died on me so they ordered me a new fancy one but i dont like it. I dont know if I have the heart to tell them tho.

thanks for reading the noggins.
also that isnt him in the pic i just found it on google. creepy dude tho.


Anonymous said...

you have a bad case of "the Californias" maybe hes just nice and adresses every one to be polite. ALOT of orgonians do that, it creeped me out at first be most "cliforians" are keep to them selfers. The never talk to any one not even the neighbors! we had a neighbor come introduce them selves the other day, and also months ago when we first moved here. That NEVER happened to me in killer cali!

Anonymous said...

i was really wishing it was him.