Jun 15, 2007

Giants play in Boston today!

First time since they were the NY Giants. We get to kill the big green monster.

anyway, here's some fucking photos i took this week.


this is what i want. fucking rad station wagon

Celeste's softball team won the city championships. they go to County now!

this is Bridget and Mike. they wanted to be in the Noggins.
enjoy your 15 minutes guys.

beautiful carbon minoxide sunsets of martinez.

Charlies Chocolate Factory
this used to be a rad market/deli/cafe. now its a stupid overpriced chocolate store.

when did we start putting Leonard Nemoy on money?

i love how this just flat out tells you youre not going to get a real person when you call.

i missed the dude in front of this guy.. 2 fat retards on motorized wheelchairs racing.

hey, who you callin' a flag?

look kids! a real life San Pablo Ave hooker!

i saw her on the other corner at 7am that morning.
her coworker was getting busted down the street.

NEW Just For you!

i wish this pic was better. someone made some changes to this billboard. so funny.

No. No I am not completely satisfied.

another drawing from Josh's son who came to work with him the other day. I think my art may be having a negative influence on him. or positive depending on how you look at it.

rock on fuckers!

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Anonymous said...

wow the kid did a good job on that gun .... I hope your not kidding i really want a bad ass wagon to!!!!