Jun 28, 2007

chatting is so hot right now

hey noggies.. check it out, next time you're reading the noggins drop a line on the new noggin chat box over on the side bar there. just say hi and maybe someone else is being bored to death by my rants too... and you can talk about it. maybe you can meet a hot chick or dude and make a date to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film Festival and then get pissed off because the remake is lame then go get drinks. then drink too much and end up making out in a Jack in The Box bathroom.

oh wow it will be fun! chat and see!

Powered by Meebo and since i use meebo to IM all day, i'll see you posting and reply. INSTANTLY!!! hooaahhh the future rules!

too bad about Nancy Drew getting knocked up by all of the Fantastic Four.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah welli herd she was a whore ... to bad..

word verification for me today was

smenita. that is spanish for wear a condom whe having sex...