Jun 14, 2007

Chile Jalepeno's (the saga continues)

I'm sitting here at work and its coming up on lunch time. I overhear a coworker send an open offer to go to Chile Jalepeno's, the mexican dive down the street from my officel, for lunch. This catches my attention because this particular place has a certain reputation with most of the veteran employees here as being.. uhm, not so fresh. While this person is one of the few coworkers i enjoy the company of and how savor the carnitas at Chile Jalepeno's i resisted because money is tight and i have a Lean Cuisine i brought from home in the lunch room fridge. They went their way and I went mine. I took out the near frozen box and microwaved it for slightly less than the time specified.

This was a new flavor for me. I'd never had Pecan Chicken before so i gave it a shot. 3.45 minutes later... beep beep beep beep, it was done. I peeled back the wrapper and the aroma filled my nostrils. That of wet dog. i stirred it up and took a bit just incase it was one of those foods that taste better than they smell but it tasted just as bad. So i thought about just eating it but couldnt stand it and tossed it in the trash.

Instantly the thought of a mouth watering Carnitas Burrito took over me and decided to go to Chile Jalepeno's anyway. Usually i would walk but since i had wasted a good part of my break on that shitty lean cuisine i drove. I rushed down the street. placed my to-go order and chit chatted with my coworkers who were there midway through their lunch while i waited. they finished and i'm still waiting. A few minutes later a foil covered brick came out of the kitchen... was it my burrito? nope.. a continuous flow of to-go boxes and foil bricks started to pile up on the counter. Appearantly a guy ordered right before I walked in was had just ordered for his entire company. For seriously 15 minutes I waited and the guy got up and took it all by himself with both hands full. Then two more "for here" orders were served. more waiting. This is the point where you start to wonder if they forgot about your order or skipped it or it got mixed in with the mountain that was that guys to-go order. Another solo burrito came out. there was a woman sitting there who looked like she was waiting too who i was dreading would be the recipient of the burrito that came out. but alas "Carnitas Burrito regular" was called out. I hesitated, waited for the chick to make a move on the off chance she ordered the same thing as me. but then the waitress scanned the room and locked eyes with me and nodded. YES! finally! mine was ready. a quick drive and to-go dash turned into a 20 minute wait fest. Now my break is pretty much done but i still have half a burrito that i'm going to enjoy god damnit.

this burrito is fucking good tho.. it almost makes it all worth it.


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Unknown said...

you're hilarious...