Jun 13, 2007

I'm turning Hindu.

i watched this History of Sex thing before i fell asleep on the History channel. they said that unlike stuck up assed christians, Hindu's and some Buddhists totally fuck all the time.

its written in ancient religious texts.. "thou shalt fuck all the time with hella people" or something like that. lol thats pretty rad. they said, and i was half asleep so bear with me, that their stories about the Earths creation was basically gods fucking.

anyhoo, enough of that, i'm getting an ancient chinese boner!

I painted last night some. and i did some doodles and more skate decks.

acrylic on old record cover.

acrylic on plaque with fasteners. 5 x 9

work doodle

and some skateboards.. these are for sale by the way. check out www.galleryskates.com for more designs.

dont forget about my show "Boy's Will Be Boys" July 13th. at shakey hand gallery in martinez.


Anonymous said...

"tiny" looks like john wayne gacey the clown killer.

jimbizzle said...

I still love the BINGO Night thing. That would have been an awesome shirt!