Jun 8, 2007

Sorry Roger...you Tiger Now

hey fucking shit the Giants won! I wonder how the stupid A's will do against Lincecum at AT&T?

and.. on with the photos!

nothing like natural lamb skin to get your juices flowing!
"Feels just like i'm fucking a sheep!"

over the weekend our little Airport was having some kind of event where you could pay $500 to take a ride in ancient flying machines. they were LOUD. it was pretty rad watching them fly hella low right over our house.

sausage envy.

the shitty Pizza place on Main st. has changed owners a bunch. from one deadbeat to the next. they have a wall of plaques and awards. all of them are from the 90's. this one was for when they sponsored a little league team in 1995. It always bothered me that businesses leave up these awards. I always think... "ok so you kicked ass in 1992, what the fuck have you been doing wrong since then?" take down the frigging award unless you just won it.

this is meg's pimped out Tahoe.

this is my SuzIsuzu's bad side. :( sadface

the original doodle for the skateboard art i showed before.
this was my ceramics "tea pot" project from Highschool. the spout is the tounge, the neck opens to pour water in, and there used to be a meat hook in the back of the head for a handle. it broke off.

and the award for best Childrens Book title of the century goes to...

potential new band name.

Deviantart.com is having a "skin a scion" art contest. here's a few of my entries

this one is my fav. its getting a lot of love on devart.
i could win a scion!

(in the AOL voice) "GOOD BYE"


Unknown said...

I saw those planes too! they freaked me out, they shouldn't be flying that low. but they did look good. :)

Anonymous said...

i love the fuck out of that tea pot. I giveyou the highest grape possible for that!!!! andthe band name rocks!