Jun 7, 2007

Art and skate crap

Whats up fuckers. I've got this art show coming up in July. at the shakey hand gallery. It's called boys will be boys. It features Me, and two other dudes, Bryan Blanco
Garret Bock. Here's the art i did for the postcards that are going out. It runs from July 9th to August 13th. with an opening reception Friday, July 13th.

so, that means i have to get off my ass and paint some new shit. I was up till midnight painting this one last night. I call it "Nothing lasts forever...even boss 70's extreme sports skills"

Acrylic on canvas. 28 x 32" (pretty big for me if you know my work)

in other art news: I havent had any new skate art jobs for a long time. The Dune guy said he's gonna be printing the stuff i did for him soon. I cant wait. I've been kind of lagging on really trying to promote my Gallery Skateboards. I've sold a whopping TWO since i opened it. I did a couple new designs yesterday. check out www.galleryskates.com for a better view of these, and a bunch more designs.

this one is my favorite.

also, my 60's rock poster deck won the BoardPusher.com design contest. so i get some promo on Board Pusher and a the deck sent to me. yay!

in related skate news. J-Slim got a new camera and has been getting some rad shots of his skate buds in Vallejo. check em out on his myspace.

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jimbizzle said...

Good luck on the art show. I wish I lived closer to come out and support.