Jun 1, 2007

Randy Messenger, welcome to San Francisco!!

if youre a giants fan you'll know what i'm talking about.

anyhoo, here's the stupid photos.

look Rita. on the left is tampons. on the right is eggos and further down is ice cream.

these ladies are always at the mtz jack in the box. one is 400 lbs and the other one is 400 years old. that is their table. its never empty. also, i dont know who drives but their car is this saturn wagon piled to the ceiling with garbage and crap.

view of the bay bridge from AT&T park.

me in my SF Giants chef hat i got at AT&T Park on BBQ Chef hat day.

see you later alligator.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

i can't believe that you like the giants that much.. ewww...

go a's! :) hehe

but i still like Barry Zito.