Jun 14, 2007

Dejavu kinda sucked.

i watched Dejavu last night. its premise: a detective falls in love with a dead victim as he's doing research on her case. unique twist: the govt. has a machine that allows you to look back in time. so.. he follows her 4 days in the past via a monitoring screen.

Denzel's character is falling in love with her and trying to solve/prevent her death.
for 2/3's of the movie i thought she was Hallie Barry.. but she isnt. she's a total cheap version of her.

how is this NOT hallie barry?

anyway, Dejavu was a good idea but poorly executed and holllywoodified. its a sci-fi movie that tries REALLY hard to not be.

this dude is in it tho! i love this dude.

if you havent seen it dont read the rest of this.

the movie opens and kind of revolves around a Ferry boat terrorist bombing. but this huge event is only there to justify the "history viewing" technology that makes the unique love story possible. so its kind of two movies with the emphasis on the lame love story rather than the interesting time travel sci-fi elements.

We're supposed to believe that the govt has a time machine and that while they wouldnt use it to solve some womans murder, they would use it to try to stop a domestic terror plot, in New Orleans no less.

They touch on the theory that if you change something in the past that the path of time branches off into multiple realities. the one your in and the one that you changed running parallel to the one youre in. another theory, and this is the most scary thing about time travel, is that once you change something, even ever so small or insignificant you could end up changing a chain of events that leads to you possibly never even existing or being in the situation to even go back in time. or if you go back 2 minutes and take a cup of a table, suddenly in the future/present the chair suddenly the cup dissapears. Dejavu hardly even talks about these HUGE problems about time travel. like i said the briefly explain the branching thing. but also they show how things change instantly when time is changed.

as the movie progresses, like most time travel movies, you learn that all the things the main character saw before he used the time travel device were there or happened as a result of him changing the past. its kind of a mind fuck. So most of the movie is showing you that there isnt a branching past and that everything is circular and there because of the time machine, but at the end there is a clear deviance into an alternate timeline. everything denzel's character sees in the present matches up with everything he ends up doing when he eventually goes back in time... UNTIL fake Hallie Barry's fingers dont get cut off. from then on they are in an alternate timeline. A timeline that ends up preventing the terror plot, and thus preventing the Govt guys to come to New Orleans with their time machine that makes it possible for future denzel to stop the bombing.. so it really makes no sense.

nice try.

special guest appearance by the Savage Chickens!


Unknown said...

my aunt was the stand-in for the faux Halle Berry chick while they were filming in New Orleans. :)

Savage Chickens rawk! :)

Anonymous said...

do ou watch entourage that dude you like is in it. I recommend rentign the dvds he not in it till season 3 but the show rocks!