Jun 26, 2007

Ride a Skateboard Go To Jail

most of you might not know June 21st was national Go Skateboarding Day. An unofficial skateboarding holiday. A kind of day to stick it to the man and just skate. well some of you might not realise what "sticking it to the man" comes from. Skaters, most of the time incorrectly, are stereotyped and profiled as criminals by the police. We (yea i'll include myself) have dealt with that for a long time. Most cities have outlawed skateboarding in their downtowns and parks while rollerblades and bikes are allowed still. We deal with shit all the time.

anyway, here's a video some kids took from last weeks Go Skate Day...

i wish i could give you a follow up but i cant. this will most likely never go to court and if it does the cops will be found not-guilty of any wrong doing.

welcome to the world of the skateboarder.

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

God damn kids!

I never had those problems when I rode my BMX.