Jun 22, 2007


happy birthday Chris "Rubber Duck" Kristofferson.

here's my old mouse here at work. i loved this mouse but it died... my new one sucks. :(

this is the infamous Mickey D's i go to. photo courtesy of Google Maps Street View. that shit is the shit.

Element parody. i havent made this one yet.

i was wandering at this shopping center and ended up at the Nerd Store. D&D and Magic headquarters.

this is my mom and dad's wedding pic. they were hot.

this lady was a surley old wench. she brought her "mc Big breakfast" back to the counter, cut in front of the line to complain that she only got one sausage. when they told her its supposed to come with only one she bitched about it in her pseudo NY old lady voice. the whole time, even when no one was listening she mumbled about how it wasnt right and how they skimp on everything nowadays. I'll be like that. when i'm 80 all my bitching i do on here will be verbalized in public at a low yet audible tone.

painting of Suzisuzu going to heaven. not finished yet.

some digi-arty from yesterday. you can buy this in skateboard form on galleryskates.com

my foot still hurts. happy friday.


Unknown said...

Two things:

1.) I love the photo of you in those glasses! that's hilarious! Those aren't your glasses are they??? hmmm

2.) I totally dig the digi art piece, veddy nice... the fart coming out the bottom is a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

i love how in d & d sotres they have thse littel figures on the shelves witht eh dividers between them like it makes them that much mor special or valuable.... that they are divided


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