Mar 31, 2006

How to Kick a MySpace Addiction

If you or anyone you know is a myspace addict, or think you might be one, here's how to wean yourself off of MySpace so that you can resume living offline. the WikiHow How To Defeat a Myspace Addiction. I dont know if this was written as a joke or by concerned parents. either way Myspace is the fucking devil in more ways than one.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Other activities to do
  • A strong will

lol. good luck with that.

i got threaded!

one of my submissions got approved. when youre done hugging your wife and brother go vote for my design!!

click here!


Mar 30, 2006


LOST! holy shit that was cool! Here's my take. i dont have DVR so this is straight from memory from last night.

first of all, Henry was Lying. They found the real Henry Gale's License on the dead body. and he was black! what a fucking lier! but we still dont know if he's an 0ther for sure.

Lockes Legs hurt now .. they didnt before with boone. remember in the episode they are trying to use the trebuchet to open the hatch and it stabs his leg but he doesnt feel it.
we still dont know how he got paralized.

Nadia DID go to LA after all. Sayid was on the right track to find her.

Lockes dad conned more than just Locke.
this opens the possibility for a connection to Sawyer.

The map (crazy!) drawn by someone "in the know" but wanted it to be hidden. the doors going down must have been common because a map on the door while up is pretty hidden already. why use the glow paint?

they show the mural in the backgroud when the doors go up. I wonder if theres hidden messages in glow paint in that too?

They are getting drop shipments. (but why didnt they see or hear a plane?)

who ever is dropping the shipments doesnt know about the losties being there or that Desmond and Kelvin are gone. all they know is that the button is getting pressed.

I think fake Henry being there, the doors and the drop shipment are all related.

who buried the real Henry?

I'm staying threadless

so i submitted a couple designs to theres some cool shit there but they are damn picky. i got a nice reply to this design today about its approval status.
"Even though your design may be submitted properly, we do decline some submissions for poor design." cocksuckers! eh maybe it did suck. the competition is pretty stiff... i'd rock that shirt any day of the week! I also submitted these two but havent heard back yet.
i really like the nubs one. I hope they pick it. I'd rock that too. if they get picked I'll let you know and you have to promise to vote for me. ok?

Mar 29, 2006

nothing wednesday!

i dont have anything really to talk about today. just that its still fucking raining. its the most rain ever for march in california or something.
anyway, here's some more random shit i have on my computer that i made.

LOST is on tonite tho!

Mar 28, 2006

just fucking order already!

so I'm at Foster's Freeze with my dad. For those who dont know, just to get an idea of what we're dealing with here, Foster's is this walk-up, old Drive In Hamburger Soft Serve ice cream place thats been in Martinez forever. The Korean owners, who speak very little English, decided it would be cheaper to not pay franchise costs to be a Foster's officially so now they get the same food from the supplier, they just cant call it Foster's. So my dad and i were at "_ os _ _ _ _ Freeze" and this guy walks up in a pimped out track suit, clubbin shades siteways pro-fit cap, basketball sneakers and fiddling with some kind of cellphone PDA sidekick thing. He starts off asking if they have Steak Teryake... which isnt in one of the many convinently photographed and posted menu items they had in the window. She says in her broken English that mostly consists specificly of OS Freeze menu items, "no, Teryake Chicken" he says "you aint got no beef teryake?" she said no you fuck youre standing at a window ordering.. look at the pictures asshole. so he settles for the chicken but asks.. "what kinda meat is it?" "its teryake chicken" she replies. "naah naah, is it breast meat?" and points to the chicken breast sandwich picture. this only confuses her more. she answers enthusiasticly "chicken breast sandwich?" (this reminds me of that episode of southpark with the future people taking our jobs) anyway. he says "naw naw, what kinda chicken meat is in the teryake chicken.. its dark meat huh" she repeats some confused babble, rightly so. then he gives up and orders the ranch burger. "well done. and can you make the fries crispy" Dude this isnt Burger King (or In N Out) you cant get it your way. they have pictures man! so they went back and forth with the ranch burger much like the teryake steak. asking shit like "what kinda ranch is it, do you make it or is it in a bottle..." meanwhile my dad and i, and some dude that ordered before us are there in awe of this guys audacity and stupidity. Making fun of him under our breath but loud enough for him to hear us. Nothing will bring strangers together like someone else makeing a fool of themselves. It went from being funny, like 'ha ha look at that nerd ball'. to complete and utter awe.. a feeling that can only be compared to seeing a flying saucer and not being sure if what your seeing is real or not. anyway, my dad was ready to throw down. This guy stood there customizing his order which would surely be screwed up by the nice Korean woman, merely due to the language barrier, for about 25 minutes. I shit you not. Most of this time we were just standing around the corner at the tables peeking over to see if he was still there missing most of who knows what he was trying to order. My dad went over to see if our order was ready yet and overheard the line that made us go ballistic. "...uhm, do your straws have paper on them..." WHAATTT!!!??? this guy has to be kidding.. where are the hidden cameras.. Ashton where are you? paper on the straws???? but, he was dead serious and when he found out that he couldnt get Mr Pib, then ordered water, and found out the straws had paper on them he asked "uhhm do y'all got bottled water?" is it on the sign? NO you shit head your ordering through a screendoor in a window!!!

so FINALLY, he finishes and decides he wasnt that thirsty afterall. you asshole. we get our food as the line of people starts to give their orders.. man i hope they know enough english to realise how much of a fucktard that guy was and spits in his well done bottled ranch burger.

i drew!

ever just get really hungry?

full sizeand this

it felt good to create something. damn I need to paint.